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    Big Talk Speech & Language


    In-Person and Online Private Therapy

    Toddlers, Children and Adults

    Bilingual - English and Spanish

    Evaluation and Treatment


    Erin Jodie

    Speech-Language Pathologist



  • About Big Talk

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    Talk. Language. Communication. It's a big deal.

    You want to get it right. That's where I come in. 


    I’m Erin, licensed speech therapist and owner of Big Talk.


    My qualifications:

    • UW-Madison Bachelor's and Master's Degree

    • Spanish Major, Bilingual Therapist

    • Licensed by State of Wisconsin and ASHA

    • Adjunct Lecturer and Clinical Supervisor

    • 20+ years in Schools and Birth-to-Three


  • Child Services

    Concerns about your child? Get a free consultation.

    • Trouble understanding or processing language
    • Difficulties stringing together words to form a sentence
    • Poor social skills
    • Difficulties being understood or producing sounds correctly
    • Low literacy skills including reading and writing
    • Limited vocabulary
  • Adult Services

    Is communication affecting your life and work? Get a free consultation.

    • Difficulty being understood because of your accent
    • Stuttering and other fluency disorders that disrupt smooth speech
    • Lisps and other speech disorders
    • Problems with social communication
    • Communication difficulties related to autism, intellectual disability or other conditions
  • Bilingual Services

    Speech and language evaluation and therapy in Spanish and English.

    • Over 15 years as a bilingual provider in Chicago and Milwaukee
    • Fluent in written and spoken Spanish
    • Clinical supervisor of Marquette U. Bilingual English-Spanish graduate program, 2012-14
    • Clinician on Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, Vietnamese and Farsi language cases
  • FAQ

    What is a speech and language impairment?


    Difficulties with

    •forming speech sounds

    •saying words fluently

    •producing a good speaking voice

    •formulating sentences

    •acquiring vocabulary

    •learning social skills


    It affects children and adults and must be diagnosed with an evaluation.


    Where do you provide therapy?


    At your home, daycare, office, library or school.


    In the greater Milwaukee area and throughout Washington and Ozaukee counties.


    I also provide therapy online.


    Wherever we need to do therapy, we will figure it out.

    Do you accept insurance?


    At this time, Big Talk does not take insurance, but we provide you with a superbill that you submit to your insurance. We are private pay only.

    How often is therapy? How long will therapy take?


    Each case is different so there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Contact me for a free consultation to get a better idea.


  • Contact

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    Milwaukee, WI